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Organizational development

Customer examples:

  • Development of international bioscience company to better create innovation, lead the portfolio and do professional project management
  • Development of small biotechnological gazelle company in the journey from small and innovative to becoming a more established but still innovative company
  • Half Double implementation in a number of companies and public organizations
  • Development of public organization’s ability to integrate the agile methodologies with the more classic project disciplines to avoid “oil/water” collaboration
  • Training the management team in larger energy companies in the role of agile coaches as part of an Agile (SAFe) transformation
  • Green transformation of large toy company to work more agile but also to create sustainable non-plastic products that live up to the value of taking care of the planet not least for the sake of children
  • One-company transformation of global construction and engineering business, where business units in 2 handful of countries came to work closely together and with greater professionalism and impact
  • Development and roll-out of strategy for pharmaceutical companies to be able to work professionally with portfolio and project management
  • Greater global efforts in multiple companies to ensure that many different cultures work more efficiently together
  • Mentor/coach for managers and talents who want to get to next level or meet problems where their previous success formula fall short.


We have trained thousands of managers and project managers. We can tailor-make it to your needs or deliver a more standard version. We have many years of practical experience backed-up by solid and systematic theory. You get lots of insights, plenty of hands-on exercises, concrete tools and methods, lots of examples, presence, the opportunity to get a common understanding and experience. But probably also provocation and humor, where it makes sense to highlight points.

Examples of courses (physical or on-line):

  • Leader in an agile working environment
  • New or experienced leader in the span between development and operations
  • Half Double – integration of agile methods with classic project management
  • Behavioural design and impact realisation – ensuring that the effect is planned and brought home
  • Project management at all levels. Both management and leadership.
  • Project management aimed at and based on international certifications such as Prince2, PMI or IPMA
  • Personal impact – burn through with management, your stakeholders, your team or others where it is important you are heard and followed
  • Cultural collaboration and distance management across cultural differences and boundaries. It’s not enough to know about cultural dimensions or dos and don’ts, there are more important factors that make differences work.
  • Professional coach training by ICF certified coach
  • Project management for non-project managers, i.e. those responsible for minor development tasks, for experts and participants in projects