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<h3>World Class PMOs</h3>

World Class PMOs

PMOhouse regularly performs in-depth global Best Practice Surveys. Together with our clients and partners, we identify organisations that work particularly well within certain domains. We also follow research developments in our core areas of focus and share experiences with our networks. This keeps our clients and ourselves constantly sharp on the latest updates.

News: “World Class Portfolio and PMO Management,” Global Survey 2016:

  • We have visited and assessed a series of the world’s best portfolio and PMO units. Our visits range from enterprise level to more operational PMOs.
  • Two of our participants have been ranked in the top three among the world’s most successful at “PMO of the Year 2015”.
  • The other companies have, with some exceptions, distinguished themselves by being forerunners within their respective business areas.
  • A focus point has been what Greatness looks like—what drives success—and conversely: what are red flags of failure.
  • We have performed in-depth interviews, surveys and an expansive study of key literature.
  • Apart from portfolio and PMO managers, we have interviewed a series of business executives, researchers and others to broaden our perspective.